LitongLab Introduction

Basic introduction

LitongLab is a research lab led by Professor Li Tong at Renmin University of China. Our main research areas include wireless networks, wired networks, and data center networks.

  • Wireless networks: Wireless networks are networks that use wireless signals for communication. They are convenient, as they allow access to the network from any location without the need for cables.
  • Wired networks: Wired networks are networks that use cables to connect devices. They have the advantage of high speeds and low data transmission delays.
  • Data center networks: Data center networks are networks established for data centers. A data center is a computer system used for storing, processing, and managing large amounts of data. The main purpose of a data center network is to ensure fast data transfer and processing for large amounts of data.

Composition of members

Currently, we have one teacher and 6 master’s students, as well as 13 undergraduate students, for a total of 20 people. We are dedicated to studying and working hard to contribute to the development of the field of networks.

Our lab is equipped with the latest computer network equipment and software, and has professional technical personnel to provide guidance. We encourage students to participate in research projects, providing more opportunities for their future development.